Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Arthurs Day Special

Arthurs Day refers to series of music events to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness organized in 2009.
Guinness drinkers are expected to raise a glass of the black stuff in memory of Arthur Guinness at 17.59, this being a reference to 1759, the year Guinness was established.

This year Arthurs Day is going to be hopping on the 27th of September. The music line up looks UNREAL, spread across Ireland in 500 locations! So the only thought in my head this week is what to wear, different locations means different outfits. I put together a day time and night time option for this celebration. (Arthurs Day Special 1 & 2)

1. Studded Biker Jacket - Topshop
No one should be without a leather jacket, its so versatile and goes with everything! Topshop is pricey but sometimes its better to invest in a product with some quality, specially if you are going to wear it out as well as casual. Last year I purchased a fake leather jacket, which was gorgeous but when I wanted to wash it I realized I could wash it or dry clean it. Always check the label. Priced at 80 euro.

2. Crackling Topcoat In Black Dynamite - Topshop
Cant remember when this crackling nail varnish came into trend but I have loved it ever since! It makes your nails look that much more glam... This colour is amaze priced at around 7 euro.

3. Burnished Stud Waist Belt - Forever 21
Sometime high waisted shorts need a little something and a belt really dresses them up. Once again Forever 21 never fails for accessories and you can never have to many belts, only 4,90.

4. Rhinestone Cross Earrings - Forever 21
These cross earrings are very rock chick and perfect for this kind of event I might add! Studs tend to fall out of cheaper accessories so this needs to taken into consideration, but when they cost 3,90 its not that devastating when you need to throw them out.

5. Grey Star Studded Boots - River Island
Boots. Ah who doesn't love a nice pair of boots. Kesha is so right when she sings about Boots & Boys. Sometimes it seems like really important factors in life. Unlike boys these boots will probably never leave you or disappoint. Shorts, skirts, dresser or whatever they are the perfect match. Pricey but meh they are beautiful, priced at 95 euro.

6. Aztec Crossed Top - Topshop
Loving maroon shades right now! A semi cropped top, has a bohemian feel to it. Goes perfectly with the shorts I might add. Only 15 euros in Topshop... Just saying.

7. Mid Wash Embellished Shorts - Miss Selfridge 
These high waisted shorts made pretty with the "mid wash" look and the copper studs.. Once again they could fall of and when buying definitely need to be looked at to see whether they are all there and how loose they are. Priced at around 50 euro, probably could find a cheaper pair and pimp them out yourself, but they are cheaper then Vintage Clothing.

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