Saturday, 29 September 2012

Favorite Perfumes ✰

What girl doesn't have a collection of perfumes lined up on her dresser, here are just a few of my favorites  

Diesel Loverdose and Dolce&Gabbana rose the one

Beyonce Heat and Dolce&Gabbana L'imperatrice 3
Diesel Loverdose; My bottle is empty now but I just thought it defiantly needed a mention, this was a perfume bought for me in duty free. I thought i'd include this quote I found on it "Diesel Loverdose allegedly possesses molecules that stimulate lust and attraction" ;) When I got this perfume I didn't think it was for me but it really grew on me. It's not a smell I would typically go for but in a way I loved it for that. It smells like vanilla, jasmine and slightly liquoricey (in a good way). Perfect for those who just want a lighter smell which is more softer. I think its priced around €60.

Dolce and Gabbana rose the one; This was another perfume I got in duty free. This smell for me is very feminine and pretty. It's a mild floral smell with the hint of rose. Defiantly a recommend for those girly girls.  Priced around €58.

Beyonce Heat; I had smelled this perfume a few times, and then one day I was in a chemist and saw that it was only €25 and that included a lotion so I decided to buy it then. "floral, musky, fruity, sweet, almond' aromas are said about the perfume. I would say its fruity but musky aswell with a hint of vanilla. I really love this smell and defiantly recommend. 

Dolce and Gabbanna L'imperatrice 3; This is one of five perfumes in the Anthology collection and was said to be named after Naomi Campbell. I don't know what the fascination is with her, but the perfume is amazing though. I first found out about this perfume as one of my friends was wearing it and I fell in love with the fruity smell. I'm on my second bottle of this and the smell will just never get old to me. It's said to smell like 'watermelon, kiwi, lemons, jasmine, pink cyclamen and musk.' I can't really pin point one particular smell only that it's very very sweet and some people may not like that but I defiantly would repurchase this again and again. Another duty free person but priced around €65.

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