Sunday, 23 September 2012

It's an Urban Jungle

Who doesn't like a good eye shadow. Most likely I end up wearing just the one colour for a period of time till I get bored and move on to another. One year for Christmas I purchased an Urban Decay limited edition sets, I am pretty sure they release one every year costing around €30/40, its a good investment. My first Urban Decay eye shadow set was in 2010!! And I still have it!

Urban Decay, Book of Shadows, Volume 2
This was the very first shadow set I had bought. A friend of mine bought it and one night I used some of the eye shadows and couldn't believe how good they are! Lasted all night, and even some nights if I was too wrecked after a few beverages during the college nights I would fall asleep, and wake up with the shadow still intact ;)
The set also includes the eyeshadow "potion" which you apply before the eyeshadow, this makes it last longer. Its brilliant stuff! There is also two eye liner pencils, I am not much of a eye pencil person so mine were never used.
My favorite shades have to be Mushroom, Sellout, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Twice Baked. Oh and AC/DC for the night I feel like a rock star and want that super dark eye look. The greens however were never used, sad to say but I cant pull of the green look.

Another set I purchased a while after the Book of Shadows Volume 2 was the Book of Shadows-Alice in Wonderland edition! It included a pop up book and everything!! I think I bought it on the plain so it was duty free and only cost me €27, which is a bargain, and now you probably will not find an Urban Decay set so cheap.

Urban Decay, Book of Shadows, Alice in Wonderland Edition
This set blew my mind, not only the colours are names after the characters and other Alice in Wonderland related items but it had epic shades too. They use some of the same shades as the other palette but nonetheless its great. The Jaggerwocky and Drink Me, Eat Me are my personal favorites! The set also included the potion and two eye liners.

The shadow itself is very smooth and pigmented, its very blend able and a few shades can be layered.
The pop up books string broke so I robbed this picture of the internet just so everyone can see how awesome it is.

Alice in Wonderland Pop Up

Urban Decay, New York City Edition

I'm actually not too sure how long I have had this palette but I would say atleast 2 years maybe even more ;) I am addicted to the primer potion that comes with it and seriously would add this to my holy grail products. I think this palette was €40 and to me that's an investment for the amount of time I have had it. I'm not the most adventurous person so the blues/greens have not been used up as much as the rest. My favorites are smog, midnight cowboy rides again, uzi and suspect. The colours are gorgeous but if you don't like shimmer than this palette may not be the one for you. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This is my all time favorite palette and to this day nothing had trumped it with regards the colours and quality.  I adore the packaging and always pack this with me whenever I'm staying over somewhere for the night. I have green eyes so I like to think that this palette compliments my eyes, and I have to say the earthy brown colours which are the tone of most of the colours are good for day and night. The first half of the palette are light shimmery shades which on my part are the ones which are used majority of the time, and then the other half have the darker colours which are gorgeous for the more dramatic night out look. This was around €40 and to me the best purchase any lady could make as it is just worth it. Again like the palette above most of the colours are shimmery and only contain two  matte shades which some people don't like. For me these colours are amazing, they blend well and are just lovely for nights out or when you just want a nice simple look for daytime. 

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