Friday, 28 September 2012

Playing iPhone Dress Up

Since the iPhone 5 came out this week I decided to write a related fashion post. Ever since the iPhone came out in 2007 everyone is gone on a iPhone craze, this craze not only included large variety of apps to dress up your phone on the inside but also on the outside with all kind of covers. From jelly to hard covers we have seen them all, priced from 100 euros to 1.49...

Everyone who has an iPhone wants to keep it safe, although you may think insuring your precious is enough it kind of isn't so this is where the cover craze comes in.

Now accessorizing doesn't only mean matching a necklace or a bracelet to your outfit but an iPhone cover. We are gone iCrazy for them... Pinterest and Instagram have brought the craze to a new level, people posting new and funky covers to show of to the iFans.

I have an iPhone myself and have gone through 3 covers in a year, yes that might seem like a lot to people who dont dress up their phone in pretty covers but its actually very little. Many people now have a variety of covers to choose from and change them weekly even daily!

Its mad what people pay to put a cover on their phones. Reading online about these expensive covers I found a blog about the most expensive iCovers exceeding price up to 100,000!!!!  iCrazy. 

If your a more simple person that wants your phone to look great for cheap I suggest shopping around markets where they are usually a tenner and have nice variation of designs. The cheaper covers in the Pound Shops or Value Land stores are usually unreliable and will brake, but then again better the cover then the phone. I have found the best places for cheap covers are either the Chinese shops which repair phones, Penneys and H&M...

I went for a stroll around the shops the other day and have found a few new cool covers in Penneys which might tickle your fancy and are only 5 euro!

E. ❤

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