Saturday, 22 September 2012

September Faves

This is just a selection of my favorite things this month 

Garnier Skin Perfector
I heart this stuff, I have practically worn this all Summer and then for all of September. It's for those days where I can't face the world with nothing on my face (eek!) It's really light and gives my skin a lovely glowy finish, not everybody will love it but I definetly think it's for those days where you don't want any fuss just a bit of coverage. Prices at 14.99

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Mascara is a holy grail/desert island product for me and some say I may be a mascara junkie. This mascara makes my eyelashes super black and curly. I really like the fact that this wand doesn't make my eyelashes clump, and funnily enough as I write this I see that the tube says waterproof and now I know why it's been such a killer to remove. ;) Priced around 9

Rimmel Lipstick Coral In Gold

 I had been looking for a really nice coral lipstick and then bam one day I found this one. It's not an extremely loud coral that's in your face but nice enough to give that corally pop. It's a little bit drying after a day of wearing it but a lady who worked in Mac complimented the colour so that was a win win for me. ;) Priced around  6

Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume

I've had this perfume now since July but have been using it more and more this month. It's meant to smell very fruity but for a girl who is obsessed with really really sweet perfume I thought this smell was quite different for me. It smells citrusy and fresh which I thought would be a nice change from all the sweet smells I usually go for. Priced around 40

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume

Dry shampoo is another holy grail product for me and one I couldn't live without. I haven't tested this bad boy on my hair for going out but for during the day I thought it gave a great oomph in my ponytail and smells great. Win Win. Priced around 5,50

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