Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shoes Lover - Black Obsession

Before I went on my holidays to Prague in July my friend came over to help me pick what night time outfits to bring and heels. As she was looking at my shoes she said 'God how many black pairs of shoes do you have'. Then it was only weeks after when I was clearing out my wardrobes that I noticed, "Yes I do have a lot of black heels". I decided to make a post including my 3 favorite pairs, and some outfits that I have worn them with. I'm not too sure of the exact prices but most heels in New Look are €30 and the wedges from Dunnes Stores were around €20-25.

New Look Heels 

New Look Boots 

Dunnes Stores Wedges

All three shoes mentioned above are my all time favorites and have probably been worn for the majority of my nights out. The heels from New Look I thought were unique and a style I didn't see too much of. The boots from New Look also were a love of mine when I saw one of my friends wearing them and I said I needed to have a pair. The wedges are my favorite from the three, an absolute steal from Dunnes Stores and are so comfortable.

Here are some looks I have teamed the shoes with;
Topshop Black Dress (Sale) 

River Island Black Playsuit

River Island Black Silky Top and River Island Dark Green  Jeggings/Jeans

Topshop Flowery Dress (Sale) 

River Island Black Jegging/Jeans and Penneys Floral Shirt

I love all of these looks are simple and go with all of the above stated shoes.
I'm not too sure of all of the prices, the Topshop dresses were bought in a sale. The River Island jeggings/jeans I think were about €30, the silk top was around €22 and the shirt from Penneys was €13.

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