Friday, 9 November 2012

Cute T ❤

❤My T-Shirt.

From everyday casual wear to grunging up an outfit with a colourful T-shirt... At the end of the day its a must have and lets face it we all have!
This month I am all about the Ts, since I started back in college I find myself standing staring at my wardrobe for 10 minutes thinking of what to wear and how to wear it, and whats comfortable. So 2 weeks ago shopping in Liffey Valley I went on a mad T-Shirt hunt.

I love wearing H&Ms 4,95 cotton skirts, have them in every colour...They are so darn confortable and go with everything, so I managed to hunt down a few cheap t-shirts to go with them (as well as jeans and shorts, so versatile ;))

River Island
What I find when finding a lovely T-shirt is one, they are soooo expensive 25 euro or so for a t-shirt?!! Say what now! My advice is wait till sales! Only crazy or rich peeps by t-shirts worth 25 euro or more, all your paying for is the over priced print.. Looking at River Island and their cute Ts makes you drool and always end up flicking the tag over and walking away, but they always end up going on sales for less then half the price.. For example, this beut MTV print crop T-shirt with no sleeves! I own three of these in different colours (green, white and grey)
Super cute I know :)

I was such a sucker and bought it when it came out for 25 euro! Was I crazy or what.. Then January sales roll around (which are the day after Stephens day, 27th December  and they were all reduced to 10-12 euro.. I stool in the shop and cried. So to avoid this feeling bargain hunt that shit!

On the same note.. River Island are still releasing these and so are other shops. I highly doubt that MTV will ever go out of fashion.

So back to the purchases, its rare to find a few good buys but I managed to come across some serious gems that day. I bought two Ts in H&M for 5 euro each, one was Beatles print and the other Rolling Stones. Then in Miss Selfridge I fished out a David Bowie t-shirt with no sleeves for 10 euro!

If that wasn't enough I also managed to rummage through Pennies sales rack (dont underestimate the sales rack, it looks like its full of crap but you never know) and I got Lady Gaga t-shirt for 5 euro. Winning.

On another note if your t-shirts are getting boring and you want to do a bit of DIY on them that makes them so much more cooler. Make something your own; wether its cutting it up or tie dying!

Heres a link to a really cool DIY video tutorial to spice of your boring Ts. Scull cut out at the back :)

Definetly check it out and give the DIY stuff a go.. I'll try and do a tutorial soon

E. ❤

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