Thursday, 1 November 2012

Graduation Outfit

This year I am graduating from college... All I can think about are my outfits for the big day/evening ball! Here are my purchased outfits. Day time and night time ball.

Day Time

The hardest bit was finding something that would look nice and be not over too dressy but formal at the same time. Walking around shops and not knowing what you want is a drag. Today I got a dress on sale in Miss Selfridge, I must say the best 15 euro I have spent in a long time. Miss Selfridge, Liffey Valley Shopping Center in Dublin now stocks only sale items, the whole shop is buy one and get another free. The shop is packed full of dresses (a lot of maxis), skirts, t-shirts...etc.

This is a skirt/top dress, if someone doesn't really know what that consists of its basically a dress that looks like a two piece (skirt and a top) here it is:

My lighting isn't great, I think the collar is so pretty. With a bit of home styling it could look even better... I'm gonna eventually do a blog on DIY.

I will be wearing black tights as its freeeeezzzzzing! For a student its hard to be able to afford everything, this leads to compromising  In my case I am referring to my shoe situation. I had to find shoes that would suit my day time outfit as well as the evening. A decision was made that I will not be wearing high heels this year, the full banter can only be achieved with flats.

Here are the shoes I got for both of the occasions:

These are from New Look, sparkly silver flats with jeweled bows. They will go nicely with the two dresses!
Night Time

The night time event of the graduation is the Grad Ball. Not many wear full length gowns to it but it seems more and more acceptable to wear maxi dresses on nights out.

I found a creamy/peachy maxi dress in Warehouse. Its Grecian style, with a see through long layer. I had my mind set on a full length dress because I wanted to wear flats and be comfortable.

I found it online on Asos and then went onto the actual to have a look at it, originally it was priced at 130 euro!! Which was madness, for a second I was prepared to pay that much. Madness. Then I thought I would go into the shop and try it on first before buying. Thank god I did as it was on sale. Reduced to 72 euro (with the 20% student discount went down to 6o something).

Although there was none my size I bought size 16 and got it altered to 12, it was only 20 euro extra and it was worth it I may add.

This is the dress on my hanger, doesn't look as good there so I added one from the site.


Always remember to check clothes for rips and tears. Sometimes sales items can be dirty with make up and stuff, dont hesitate to ask the sales assistant for money of the clothing item as the stain shouldn't be there even though its a sales item.

Dont forget to try items in different sizes, some shops stock odd sizes for different shapes. This also ties in with the altering, if the dress is cheap and worth tailoring get a bigger size! Its easier to trim around the dress and make it smaller then having to add material to a smaller size.

Also regarding stains dont buy items with oily stains they make not come out, that kind of stain usually looks like grease.

Never forget to check for student discounts!


Just decided to add a picture of the dress at the Grad.. Not the best photo but you get the gist :)

E. ❤

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