Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pretty Face.

Ohhh hey there yee all! WANT WANT WANT! How can anyone have enough of anything?! Just like clothing ,shoes and sooo many pretty things and of course luuuuuuuuuuurve (pass me the bucket, it’s just me and my cats), my first entry writing to this blog will most likely become a “healthy obsession” (cough cough) and I will from now to the infinite (bible) will only post things that matter .Ehmm yeah,that being EVERYTHING! So first entry is going to be a short tip about makeup (how original), but I swear it’s something that encourages me to get outta bed in the morning and prepare to face the day! Hope yeee all think sooo too! :)

Having spent a year living in Berlin, all of my everyday necessities were purchased in German shops e.g. make-up, mascara, face creams etc. but most importantly after a visit from my friend from Amsterdam, I ditched the MAC makeup I normally used (MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15 NC30) and with the advice of my friend, found a saviour who did not evaporate into thin air and leave me with smudges covering my face after I spent a couple of hours wearing it.

 This being L'Oréal Paris True Match Roll-On Foundation - W3 Golden Beige. Once I found my shade, it matched my skin beautifully and I then felt great sorrows for a male who didnot have as great companion as I had just found.  BUT. After I landed in Eire for good, and my make-up ran out I discovered to my horror that no longer could I purchase the one thing I loved more than sliced bread. Thinking caps were put on and I solved the catastrophe. (I did not, however, go back to live in Berlin.) 

What I did is I purchased the same foundation being L'Oréal Paris True Match and the same shade W3 Golden Beige just in liquid form.Just like the Roll' on it comes in many different shades to suit all types of skin.Different shades of True Match Liquid Foundation .

Cheap and cheerful- something that I would label my make-up brush that I use to apply this foundation with.REAL TECHNIQUES by Samantha Chapman-Stippling brush. Its great for coverage and completes the job like any MAC brush.Also used in many make-up tutorials on youtube. Both of the items are just under 20euro each.

Happy purchasing! xoxo
P.S Not just a pretty face?Watch this space.

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