Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Kardashian Collection ♥

I may have a slight obsession with these ladies, but come on their just so darn pretty ;) I can't help but watch their tv shows even with all of the "drama" they have on it, I just love their fashion and their hair is always perfect ;) They are always in magazines with their fashion and how to get their make up looks and lets be honest who doesn't want to know their beauty tricks ;) If you type their names into youtube you will be filled with how to videos on their infamous looks!

 I don't really have a favorite but I do always love Kourtney's cute tops, Khloe's leather pants and Kim's dresses :) They are known for their 'curvy' figures, which is nice to see girls who are actually normal and not just skinny minnies ;)

I was watching Xpose and they were at the Kardashian Collection opening in Dorothy Perkins, I have to say I was excited to see what they had. No surprises that they were colorful, full of little black dresses, lots of leopard, leather and they even designed some bags. I really like them and think they can worn casually and for nights out, they really have a wide range of styles to chose from and to add some glitz to your nights out. I think they are a reasonable price especially for a "celebrity" range, so why not go and treat yourself ;)

Enough with me and my Kardashian obsession here are a few of my favorites from the website,

Black PU Leggings €34

Green Goldbar Dress €49

Black Lace Blouse €35

Leopard Dip Top €37

Black PU Jacket €68

Gold Sequined Jacket €62

Tan Quilted Tote €68

Black Leopard Tote €68

Here is a link to the Dorothy Perkins website and the images I used above are from Google images. :)

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