Friday, 1 February 2013

The Secret Nobody Wants To Talk About

This post is strictly not for men. We dont want to give away all our secrets...

No its not fake eyelashes, tan or hair extensions these secrets are already out... Not only amongst women but men as well. We are trying so hard to look like these fake women on tv and magazines that its hard to keep up. Christmas has left us few pounds too generous. The secret came out when Bridget Jones introduced 'huge nickers" into the equation...
We all laughed "Bridget you are ridiculous...", secretly however we went and bought a pair or wondered where to get one at least.
The skinny girls laugh and we all chuckle along hiding this little secret of ours, they are not for old 70 year old ladies, oh no. With the junk food and wine consumption increasing over the cold winter months the little pooch where we keep our cookies needs to be tucked away.

I have a friend who was always very sporty and always kept fit until she had a change of career and found herself needing one of these sexy undies. She always laughed and then the day came when she asked me where I purchased mine. This is not an overweight kind of issue this is that little tuck of those unnecessary bumps in a tight dress. Its a bit of a confidence booster.
We can always loose a bit of weight before the summer but till then here are the best of the best!

At number 1. We have Debenhams ( brand Black/Nude 'Invisible' high leg shape-wear pants.
These beauties have saved me several of the more bloated nights when I had squeezed into a borrowed dress of just felt like I needed a tuck. They are padded. That word sounds very scary but thats the secret... Instead of squeezing everything in it smoothens it out! Its all seamless so it doesn't dig in to your bum or waist. I cannot recommend these enough! They range between 20-25 euro... Lately I have found even higher waisted ones so you can literally pull it up under your bra.
One thing to watch is the size, should probably try them on as they can be tight fit, go by your jeans size. When washing better not to put them inside out either as the padded material can get ruined.

For the more obvious choice I will mention Spanx ( Yes Bridget did it and a lot of women still do and I know they are so famous...however they are not what I expected when I purchased a pair.
In the image on the left we can see very similar style undies like the Debenham ones, these "Undie-tectable Panties" as the Spanx people named them are not just that. Firstly I would like to comment on the very Photoshoped image of this lady, how can they expect us to buy these if the girl who is wearing them is size 0.
These just dont work they dig into your waist and our lovely bums and end up looking worse then without them, may as well go comando. 42 euro. No thanks.

Just when I thought I had lost all hope for Spanx I found the most gorgeous pair... This coming to our number 2. Seamless thongs. Girls have a tendency of fearing thongs  as they can leave you with a semi muffin top.
I have found that sometimes you dont need the extra layer of seamless material over the bum and a hight waisted thong might just even do a better job!
These are somewhat genius and sexy. Lace is always sexy! They will save you from lumps and bumps while wearing high waisted skirts and tight shorts. Saying that there is 0 shame when taking your clothes of infront of anyone. Rawr.
As an honest lady these are some what EXPENSIVE. 119 euro.. I think we will wait for the sales.

Another way to go is seamless thong without the support, this has to be tried before ruled out completely. Sloggi ( has perfected the best material for this kind of underwear, its very affordable and looks great. It doesn't dig in or manipulate your shape in any way, basically they are seamless. "Not brave enough to go comando but love the feeling, these are for you." Sloggi needs to hire me to write their tag lines... Back to the undies.
These are sexy and feel great, and pretty sure I have found them in some boutique for 12 euro. Winning.


If your still not sure how to tuck that tummy away well all I can do is point to the gym... If Bridget Jones has thought us anything is that men love something to grab onto. Did I just say that. I meant hug, something to hug ;)

E. ❤

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