Sunday, 2 December 2012

A letter to Santa

There are so  many nice things fashion and beauty wise that I would love to have for Christmas, and if I was a millionaire I would be purchasing myself but maybe Santa will hear me ;)

Here is a few, only a few things I would like to see under my tree;

River Island Black Studded Leather Look Waterfall Jacket €86
I have been looking for a leather jacket everywhere and I am kicking myself for not buying the one I saw in Pamela Scott for €60, I definitely wouldn't mind this jacket because its amazeball and wouldn't mind buying myself if I cant get the other one I spotted. It would defiantly be a wardrobe staple :)

Topshop Knitted Stud Shoulder Jumper €51
How cute is this jumper seriously? I love knitwear so I defiantly heart this.

Topshop Crystal Embellished Play Suit €110
This would be a major splurge but its just so so gorgeous and glitzy.

River Island Dark Red Peep Toe Platform Shoes €73
How would I walk in these you ask? Who knows but you would be looking hot in them anyways sore feet or not ;).

YvesStLaurent Rouge Volupte Perle Lipstick in Silky Sensual €27.90
I really need to stop reading beauty blogs because this is where I find these obsessions with brands that I would never have known about, I have seen so many good words about these lippies, the packaging alone would get me but they would have to be amazing for the price. This color just looks so girly and lovely.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Charisma €15.20
Another brand which I have been reading about in various blogs and also on Xpose they said this was the best nail varnish on the market, I'm not sure would I spend this much money on one nail varnish but it had to make a mention to Santa anyways.

River Island Coral Contrast Strap Messenger Bag €30
I am loving this bag and the color is gorgeous. I don't have any bags in this color and I just want want want it. ;)

Miss Selfridge Black Pearl Wrist Wear €15
I have been trying to get into wearing more jewellery so I just think this is a really nice set of bracelets that would go with every outfit.

I hope your reading this Santa ;)
x x 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Eve/Day Outfits

Getting into the spirit of Christmas as it is the 1st of December I thought I would create a post with two looks I think would be great for Christmas Eve few beverages/Night in with the family or Christmas Day dinner. There's nothing better than being super comfy but also cute for whatever events you have planned :)

Forever 21 Waffle Knit Sweater €23,75 and River Island Black High Waisted Shorts €40  

You can't go wrong with a combination of these two, and of course with a pair of black tights unless you want to freeze your butt off ;) I haven't seen these shorts in the shop yet only online but I am defiantly going to look out for these, and of course the jumper would be lived in. Every Christmas Eve I go down to my friends house as it is some what a tradition so this would be a cute outfit to wear whilst having a hot whiskey ;) playing a few games and of course exchanging gifts :)

Forever 21 Tropical Forest Dress €26,75 and Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical €11.00

This dress would be amazeball for Christmas Day dinner with a pair of black tights. It's super cute and a love of mine because it has long sleeves which is a win win for me. Of course you can't have a dress without some lippie so I thought this would be a nice nude/pink to wear. I love getting dressed up for Christmas dinner so I think this would be a great outfit :)

New Look Nude Studded Slipper Shoes €24 and New Look Coolway Black Chelva Leather Chelsea Boots €60

I am hearting these two pairs from New Look, they always have the best range of styles. I thought the boots would be nice for either outfit to edge them up a bit, and the flats for the shorts and sweater combo. You could wear any of your fave shoes with either outfit but these are just two I think are gorgeous :)

Happy Shopping ;)
x x 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Everyone is wearing... Vintage

Everything is remix. Those three words have been lingering around my life the last couple of years, ever since 1st year of college when we were introduced to the remix culture through media studies it has become part of my life. Once you know what remix is and how involved in our lives it is the more you start to notice it and accept it. From music to random remix videos on Youtube like Batman On Drugs or Charlie Bit Me, heck I think we all have watched a video of a cat doing something funny!

We have come to the stage in our lives where we started to remix clothes, new fashions that are influenced by 50s, 60s or even the 90s! But the wonderful thing that this culture introduced in our everyday lives is vintage clothing. Years ago nobody wore old clothes it was all about NEW NEW NEW, only the few individuals that managed to fish out vintage shops that were most likely charity shops with second hand shops... However now vintage is the new thing to be wearing, something old wether its your grans or your mams from the 80s, vintage is the cool thing to do.

We totally agree, its not only cool, its also a great way of living! Its basically recycling made cool... Also there is something about the clothes that have a history makes you feel like special or something, thinking how your mam wore this to her first date with your dad. 

Its also great because nobody will have the same items as you. Thats winning!

The idea of buying vintage is that you get this great product for the fraction of its price, also dont be caught out when buying stuff that says vintage but may just have the look of vintage clothing... 
So where to look out for vintage clothing: the first place I would look would be your local charity shop, great place to start especially if your living in a small town, people always get rid of their old stuff and give it to their charity shops, for some its junk for others its one epic find! 
Another local option are car boot sales, the original ones, I am not talking Fairy House Market kind of thing where everything is from the back of the van! 

An obvious choice would be vintage shops, and there are plenty scattered around Dublin, including Temple Bar. However...some of them may be a little expensive so shop around. I came across one very cute shop in Blackrock, Dundalk that sold amazing vintage clothing from wedding dresses to retro designer stuff. After Sybil was a little original vintage clothing shop, although the clothes were AMAZING the owner however put a damper on the experience by being rude.

There are some unreal opportunities out there that do some really cool stuff like Shutterbug Vintage (  and their 20euro per kilo vintage clothes sale... We have been saving and hopefully we will have a post to tell you all about our vintage buying experience! 

E. ❤

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

YOLO Trend

YOLO the most common hash-tag on twitter has set a sort of a trend. YOLO this and yolo that... Seems to be the new excuse to get drunk or do stupid things. There is no end to it.
If you have been living without the internet or in general hiding in the jungle YOLO stands for You Only Live Once.
The phrase itself has been around for years and was fairly common but picked up the pace in October 2011 when Drake announced it to be his new motto and sent out a tweet with the shortened version YOLO.

The internet is now filled with YOLO memes and sayings, but recently I have started to notice the trend is now become a fashion icon too! Instagram has so many examples of people who have taken the phrase to the next level, wearing t-shirsts, bracelets and other YOLO merchandise.

Here is a few things I found while wandering online... Jumpers , tshirts, iPhone cover, bracelets and even these crazy leggings!

Just like the LOL trend this one will probably linger.

E. ❤

Friday, 23 November 2012

December Wish List

1. Dream Catcher Scull Scarf - Topshop 25 euro
Everywhere I turn I see someone wearing one of these, and I agree they are pretty so if you want to be one of the crowd now you know where to get one too!

2. Brown Faux Fur Tote Bag - River Island 60 euro
Just purchased this at the weekend. I am in love with it! It fits my laptop, books, purse and other unnecessary items I carry around with me. Also oh so many pockets!!!

3. Rumours and Lies, Nail varnish - Topshop 7 euro
Its almost like deep cherry! Very festive...

4. Heart and Cross Ring Pack - Miss Selfridge 18 euro
Ehh Pandora can jog on these are way more affordable... Even though lately I have found that every non metal ring will make your finger green. Yeah who cares is right!

5. Moto Vintage Skinny Jeans - Topshop 55 euro
Lets hope Christmas wont be hard on us and we will still be able to fit into skinnies even after the delish turkey!

6. Arcade, Lip Crayon - Topshop 10 euro
This is to match the red nail varnish PUUUURRRRRDY.

7. Cream Leather Look Waterfall Jacket - River Island 80 euro
No one can have enough leather jackets even if it is fake...

8. White Studded Tank Top - River Island 22 euro
Another one of those items that will go with everything and can be worn casual as well as dressed up on a night out.

E. ❤

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beauty and Fashion Crushes ♥

Here are some of my favorite ladies who always look amazing with their clothes and makeup choices  ;) 

Lauren Conrad
Who doesn't remember The Hills, I used to love that show and of course Lauren was the leading lady. "I will forgive you but I want to forget you."Classic Lauren line.
I think its her hair I had an obsession with, and the fact that she was like every other girl with their problems and was pretty relate able.
Her fashion sense is really girly, cute and she wears clothes that every girl has or wears so you feel like you can pull off some of her everyday looks.

Kristen Stewart
I know I know she is a love/hate with some people, but she is just so gorgeous. At times some of her fashion choices are seriously cray cray, and then she ruins some amazing dresses with converse but come on we have to credit the girl on getting some things right and her makeup is always spot on. The outfit above is super cute and definitely something us girls could pull of, and like I've said before her makeup is always looking good and I can't help but like her too because she has green eyes like me ;).

Rachel Bilson
I am currently watching Hart of Dixie so this is probably why I am obsessing about her fashion again. The photos are showing her in everyday clothes wearing jeans, tops and blazers which are every girls fashion staples. I just think she has super cool style, and her makeup is always really natural or I'm noticing in Hart of Dixie she is loving the smokey brown eye. She brings me back to the days when I used to watch The O.C, oh how I miss that show!

Zoey Deschenel and Emma Stone. 
These two are my current favorites at the mo with regarding their tv shows and movies and it does help that they always look amazeball. Zoey is a natural beauty who I am loving in New Girl, she just seems totally normal and down to earth.

Emma Stone always looks incredible when I see her in pictures, she is usually more natural but I just love the above picture because of her red hair and dark eyes.

Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox. 

Of course I couldn't have a post on beauty crushes without mentioning these three ladies who are way too pretty to be real. I haven't much to say on these only that they always look epic with their makeup and are just generally gorgeous. Jealous much??

x x 


Since the early summer months Peplum has come into our fashion world and is still lingering, so I thought it was due to be mentioned.
Googling for a definition of Peplum aint easy apparently "Peplum originates in the Greek word for 'tunic'", this gives little or no inside on what it actually it. The simple-lest definition I could come up with is an over skirt attached to a jacket or a dress.

Why we love Peplum

Eh hellooooo, it hides away all our wobbly bits that the Briget Jones pants cant hide and make you look lovely and slim. However this can make you look like you have a big bottay be wary of that!

Skinny belts go hand in hand with the peplum dress of jacket! Define that waist and don't hide it! Match/compliment the belt to colour or pattern or go mad and take it out of context and go complete opposite..

The best place for Peplum I found is Miss Selfridge, I picked out a few cute pieces from their new collection!

 1.Red Peplum Skirt - around 40 euro
Very cute and Christmasy, I think its sneaking up on us this year! Would go lovely with a white blouse or a black tight top, match it with some high peep toes and your ready to stand under the mistletoe.

 2.Bottle Green Peplum Top - around 25 euro
With a sweetheart neck line, this is also very Christmasy colour! Dark green always looks classy and can be worn any time of year. Around town I have seen people wearing them with jeans as a casual everyday top, but you can also wear it out with some nice leggins.

3.Peplum Trim Biker Jacket - around 52 euro
Dark grey... Come on we can all admit grey goes with everything and this jacket will go nicey with tight jersey dresses or skinny jeans.. Yeah we LOVE.

4. Gold Lace Peplum Dress - around 55 euro
Peplum dresses are soooo flattering! Clearly thats another festive item on the list...

E. ❤

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

October Favorites :)

I may be a little late now seen as we are in the second week of November but hey that's grand ;) I don't have a whole lot to show with regards to my faves because I pretty much use the same stuff all the time, but here are some of the items I used a lot in October.


No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Cool Vanilla 
I only have this foundation a little while and so far so good :) I find myself getting the wrong color more and more times when I am picking it for myself, so I went to the No 7 counter and got them to match me. They now have a device which can match your skin for you, and no surprises as to me being the 2nd lightest shade Cool Vanilla. It matches my skin perfectly and doesn't feel too heavy, I wore it to my Graduation during the day and night time and I am impressed ;) 


Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze 
From reading other blogs I have heard great reviews about these eyeshadows,  I am a little late with jumping on the bandwagon with reviewing it but sure why not ;) I purchased this color and Eternal Gold. I was really dissapointed with the gold color but luckily enough on and on bronze made up for it. I have no cream eyeshadows so this was another first for me, I love the color and it goes great with my green eyes. It's a taupey bronze color with a little shimmer, and can be worn in the day time or build it up for a night time look.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 010 Ivory
Some days I don't need concealer and then other days it's screaming at me to use it ;) I especially need it during the winter months to get rid of any redness, I was hesitant at first with this concealer because I really didn't like the wake me up foundation. I was pleasantly surprised and have been using this everyday, and sometimes just this concealer and a bit of mascara for those days where I just don't want any fuss.

Carolina Herrerea 212 VIP 

I think as you already know about me is that I am perfume obsessed at the minute, usually I have one favorite and use it to death but recently I have found a few amazing smells which I can't chose from. I have been wanting this perfume since I went to Prague and my friend bought the last one, so when I had the chance of asking for this from a friend who was going to be at duty free I just had to :) The bottle is in a shape of a bullet and it looks pretty cool, it smells gorgeous a mix of sweet and musky, tropical and vanilla and the scent lasts all day. I would definitely recommend this smell for people who like a mix of sweet and musky, I just adore it :)

Samantha Chapman Real Techniques stippling foundation brush 
I am a massive fan of this lady on youtube because
her makeup tutorials are always incredible. She is a makeup artist and a hairdresser, and now she has her own line of brushes. I use this brush everyday, and I find it much easier and quicker to use then a regular foundation brush. I will be adding her other brushes to my Christmas Wishlist ;)

Mac blush in Stay Pretty 
I talked about this product in my recent purchases post and have been using it ever since. It's a gorgeous light dolly pink perfect for just giving you the right amount of blush. I wear this in the day time and on nights out, I just love this blush and definitely have been using it everyday in October :) 

x x 

The Kardashian Collection ♥

I may have a slight obsession with these ladies, but come on their just so darn pretty ;) I can't help but watch their tv shows even with all of the "drama" they have on it, I just love their fashion and their hair is always perfect ;) They are always in magazines with their fashion and how to get their make up looks and lets be honest who doesn't want to know their beauty tricks ;) If you type their names into youtube you will be filled with how to videos on their infamous looks!

 I don't really have a favorite but I do always love Kourtney's cute tops, Khloe's leather pants and Kim's dresses :) They are known for their 'curvy' figures, which is nice to see girls who are actually normal and not just skinny minnies ;)

I was watching Xpose and they were at the Kardashian Collection opening in Dorothy Perkins, I have to say I was excited to see what they had. No surprises that they were colorful, full of little black dresses, lots of leopard, leather and they even designed some bags. I really like them and think they can worn casually and for nights out, they really have a wide range of styles to chose from and to add some glitz to your nights out. I think they are a reasonable price especially for a "celebrity" range, so why not go and treat yourself ;)

Enough with me and my Kardashian obsession here are a few of my favorites from the website,

Black PU Leggings €34

Green Goldbar Dress €49

Black Lace Blouse €35

Leopard Dip Top €37

Black PU Jacket €68

Gold Sequined Jacket €62

Tan Quilted Tote €68

Black Leopard Tote €68

Here is a link to the Dorothy Perkins website and the images I used above are from Google images. :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wink Wink, Are They Fake?

Fake eyelashes. Yay or Nay?

Four years ago I was introduced to the phenomenon of fake eyelashes, and how I have lived without them since then I don't even know! 
It all started when Girl Aloud brought out Eylure fake lashes...if no one has heard of them you must be living under a rock because now your not a celebrity if you don't have eyelashes as a merchandise. (Come on if George Salpa has them...) Back to Girls Aloud, since the first edition of their eyelashes, they have since had 4 different editions including festival wear. 

Now we have different lengths, types, full lashes and individual ones. Celebrities market theirs by showing of their good looks and professionally done make up (photoshop). However we end up falling for these advertisements and purchase them regularly...sometimes you loose them after a few too many cocktails when you come home. 

Going back in history eyelashes go way back to 1916 when the director of a film Intolerance insisted on the lead actress wearing fake lashes. “The first false eyelashes was made of human hair woven through fine gauze by a local wig maker.” 

So what are the best brands/types...

For subtle wear use individual lashes. They look nice and no one will ever notice them or question that wink. However you may not want to try these for a fake eyelashes virgin! They can be tricky to put on, one eyelash at a time. 
Individual Eyelashes

Girls Aloud eyelashes collection is a classic pick. Wont disappoint! Use Nadine or Nicola, avoid Cheryl... As lovely as Cheryl looks these eyelashes tend to make you look Asian, no joke. 

Girls Aloud

Other celebrity ones aren't bad either. I tend to buy Katy Perry because my eye shape fits nicely and I don't need to trim them to suit my eyelids. They tend to look bigger and fuller then they really are.
Katy Perry
Avoid George Salpas brand...very plasticy and fake looking!! 

All big celeb lashes are made by Eylure and are an excellent brand as itself. The glue may smell bad but it works and doesn't damage the eyelashes. Also some other glues may leave a line which not even make up remover will power through (but will come of eventually).

E. ❤

Friday, 9 November 2012

Cute T ❤

❤My T-Shirt.

From everyday casual wear to grunging up an outfit with a colourful T-shirt... At the end of the day its a must have and lets face it we all have!
This month I am all about the Ts, since I started back in college I find myself standing staring at my wardrobe for 10 minutes thinking of what to wear and how to wear it, and whats comfortable. So 2 weeks ago shopping in Liffey Valley I went on a mad T-Shirt hunt.

I love wearing H&Ms 4,95 cotton skirts, have them in every colour...They are so darn confortable and go with everything, so I managed to hunt down a few cheap t-shirts to go with them (as well as jeans and shorts, so versatile ;))

River Island
What I find when finding a lovely T-shirt is one, they are soooo expensive 25 euro or so for a t-shirt?!! Say what now! My advice is wait till sales! Only crazy or rich peeps by t-shirts worth 25 euro or more, all your paying for is the over priced print.. Looking at River Island and their cute Ts makes you drool and always end up flicking the tag over and walking away, but they always end up going on sales for less then half the price.. For example, this beut MTV print crop T-shirt with no sleeves! I own three of these in different colours (green, white and grey)
Super cute I know :)

I was such a sucker and bought it when it came out for 25 euro! Was I crazy or what.. Then January sales roll around (which are the day after Stephens day, 27th December  and they were all reduced to 10-12 euro.. I stool in the shop and cried. So to avoid this feeling bargain hunt that shit!

On the same note.. River Island are still releasing these and so are other shops. I highly doubt that MTV will ever go out of fashion.

So back to the purchases, its rare to find a few good buys but I managed to come across some serious gems that day. I bought two Ts in H&M for 5 euro each, one was Beatles print and the other Rolling Stones. Then in Miss Selfridge I fished out a David Bowie t-shirt with no sleeves for 10 euro!

If that wasn't enough I also managed to rummage through Pennies sales rack (dont underestimate the sales rack, it looks like its full of crap but you never know) and I got Lady Gaga t-shirt for 5 euro. Winning.

On another note if your t-shirts are getting boring and you want to do a bit of DIY on them that makes them so much more cooler. Make something your own; wether its cutting it up or tie dying!

Heres a link to a really cool DIY video tutorial to spice of your boring Ts. Scull cut out at the back :)

Definetly check it out and give the DIY stuff a go.. I'll try and do a tutorial soon

E. ❤

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Winter is Coming

Winter is upon us.. Even though hello it's Ireland it's always cold. Still, this time of year is when you have the excuse to sit by the fire, drink tea and watch films and not feel as bad ;)

I love Winter style, and let's be real my wardrobe was made for the cold days, and when we do have the odd Summer's day I haven't a clue what to be wearing! My wardrobe is full of knitwear, boots and cosy scarves. This is definitely the time of year to throw on your tights and your favorite dark lippy.

A girl can never have too many Winter essentials and here are some of my favorite picks out there and also some purchases I have made recently.

Forever 21 Heart Pattern Tights
I love wearing tights and especially in Winter, it's so much easier just to throw them on with a dress and its also a major plus because your going to be majorly warm! I really need to buy different styles of tights so this is why I picked these as a favorite because I don't have anything like them! €7,90.

Topshop Scarf
I love this color, it will look great in the Winter with a plain black coat to brighten it up! I have loads of scarves but I would love to add this one to my collection, €20.

Look at these cuties, I couldn't resist them when I saw them in Next. Yes they are penguins ;) I think they were €12, definitely worth it!

Topshop 'Wicked'

Topshop 'Nails in Panther'
Topshop have a really good range of makeup and nail varnishes, and I sometimes just go into the shop to see what new makeup they have. They are really affordable and they have a good range of colors for everyone. I haven't tried any of their lipsticks or nail varnishes, but these two are potential purchases for me especially for the Winter. Dark nails and dark lips are a must in the Winter. The lipsticks are €11 and Nail Varnishes are €6.50

Homeland Boxset

Nettle and Sweet Fennel

Winter Holidays are definitely a time to catch up on tv and new shows that you have missed. I am for sure going to be jumping on the Homeland bandwagon and going to watch Season 1. I love Twinings brand and especially this nettle and sweet fennel. Even though I would drink this anytime I think its especially good for the Winter months, it's meant to cleanse your system, I don't know about that but I just love it ;)

Dunnes Stores boots
I love boots, they can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses. I saw these pair and instantly wanted them, they were only €19. They had them in black too but I think brown goes with everything! These are perfect for winter and are super cosy!

Yankee Candle 'Shea Butter'
This smells amazing, I was in the Yankee candle shop in Blanch and seriously was lost in there with all the smells and wanted to take home everything. The girl in the shop recommended this one, and I have been loving it. I'm not sure how to describe it only that its a relaxing smell if that makes sense ;) and not overpowering. It says its for stress relief, so hence the relaxing smell. Defiantly another Winter thing I love is smells, and I really need to get a Christmasy smell like cinnamon to make my room smell great ha!.

Happy Winter ;) 
x x