Saturday, 29 September 2012

Favorite Perfumes ✰

What girl doesn't have a collection of perfumes lined up on her dresser, here are just a few of my favorites  

Diesel Loverdose and Dolce&Gabbana rose the one

Beyonce Heat and Dolce&Gabbana L'imperatrice 3
Diesel Loverdose; My bottle is empty now but I just thought it defiantly needed a mention, this was a perfume bought for me in duty free. I thought i'd include this quote I found on it "Diesel Loverdose allegedly possesses molecules that stimulate lust and attraction" ;) When I got this perfume I didn't think it was for me but it really grew on me. It's not a smell I would typically go for but in a way I loved it for that. It smells like vanilla, jasmine and slightly liquoricey (in a good way). Perfect for those who just want a lighter smell which is more softer. I think its priced around €60.

Dolce and Gabbana rose the one; This was another perfume I got in duty free. This smell for me is very feminine and pretty. It's a mild floral smell with the hint of rose. Defiantly a recommend for those girly girls.  Priced around €58.

Beyonce Heat; I had smelled this perfume a few times, and then one day I was in a chemist and saw that it was only €25 and that included a lotion so I decided to buy it then. "floral, musky, fruity, sweet, almond' aromas are said about the perfume. I would say its fruity but musky aswell with a hint of vanilla. I really love this smell and defiantly recommend. 

Dolce and Gabbanna L'imperatrice 3; This is one of five perfumes in the Anthology collection and was said to be named after Naomi Campbell. I don't know what the fascination is with her, but the perfume is amazing though. I first found out about this perfume as one of my friends was wearing it and I fell in love with the fruity smell. I'm on my second bottle of this and the smell will just never get old to me. It's said to smell like 'watermelon, kiwi, lemons, jasmine, pink cyclamen and musk.' I can't really pin point one particular smell only that it's very very sweet and some people may not like that but I defiantly would repurchase this again and again. Another duty free person but priced around €65.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Playing iPhone Dress Up

Since the iPhone 5 came out this week I decided to write a related fashion post. Ever since the iPhone came out in 2007 everyone is gone on a iPhone craze, this craze not only included large variety of apps to dress up your phone on the inside but also on the outside with all kind of covers. From jelly to hard covers we have seen them all, priced from 100 euros to 1.49...

Everyone who has an iPhone wants to keep it safe, although you may think insuring your precious is enough it kind of isn't so this is where the cover craze comes in.

Now accessorizing doesn't only mean matching a necklace or a bracelet to your outfit but an iPhone cover. We are gone iCrazy for them... Pinterest and Instagram have brought the craze to a new level, people posting new and funky covers to show of to the iFans.

I have an iPhone myself and have gone through 3 covers in a year, yes that might seem like a lot to people who dont dress up their phone in pretty covers but its actually very little. Many people now have a variety of covers to choose from and change them weekly even daily!

Its mad what people pay to put a cover on their phones. Reading online about these expensive covers I found a blog about the most expensive iCovers exceeding price up to 100,000!!!!  iCrazy. 

If your a more simple person that wants your phone to look great for cheap I suggest shopping around markets where they are usually a tenner and have nice variation of designs. The cheaper covers in the Pound Shops or Value Land stores are usually unreliable and will brake, but then again better the cover then the phone. I have found the best places for cheap covers are either the Chinese shops which repair phones, Penneys and H&M...

I went for a stroll around the shops the other day and have found a few new cool covers in Penneys which might tickle your fancy and are only 5 euro!

E. ❤

Lana Del Rey H&M Inspired Collection

Lana Del Rey is the new face of H&M and we are loving it! With her new release of Born To Die, Paradise Edition she has launched a collection in H&M...
If you have been living under a rock and dont know who Lana is get out of there and listen to her, she is not only looks amazing but also sounds great. Her melodies are divers and she not only fits into the pop categorie, her genres varie from hip-hop to indie. She has been on my playlist since February and I still have not gotten over her!

Summertime Sadness and Bluejeans are hands down my two favorite tracks amongst others obviously :) great tunes!

The H&M Lana Del Rey comercial chose her as their new face of their campaign. In the collection shoot she is wearing several different looks to suit a variety of shoppers. When I heard about the campaign I went straight onto the H&M website to check it out, what I found was better then I expected. They have used interactive functions to view the collection on a 3D image, you have to, have to check it out and view this amazing Lookbook!
Here is some of the collection with Lana as the face of the campaign.

H&M Lana Del Rey Collection

These are just a couple of items that I loved from the new collection. They can all be mixed and matched which I liked...

1. Top 
Textured short sleeved top in white. Priced at 24.95

2. Blouse
Studded colar and hidden buttons. Brilliant will go with pants as well as skirts. Priced 24.95

3. Trousers
Stretchy low rise, imitation leather trousers. The most important thing is they can be machine washed! Priced 29.95

4. Jumper
Fine knot jumper, its slightly longer at the back... Priced 24.95

5. Trousers
Five pocket, ankle length trousers with decorative zips. Priced 39.95

E. ❤

Thursday, 27 September 2012

4 Classic Lipsticks Every Girl Should Have

I was putting the outfits together for the post below on shoes obsession and had picked out four lipsticks to go with the looks, I then noticed the colours and thought I should do a separate post on the four classic colours every girl should have in her lipstick collection. Every girl loves wearing lipstick whether its with a smokey eye look for a night out or just to brighten up your day time look. Here are my four picks that every girl should own.

Creme Cup, Nude Delight, Lovesick Passionate, 01

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 'Lovesick Passionate'
 I love stains, they are really great for when your out for dinner/drinks and you don't want to be constantly re-applying your lipstick. I tried the other lip stain (can't remember name), it looked like a highlighter. I loved it at the start but then it start to dry up my lips. Priced around €9.00

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 'Nude Delight'
 This is my all time favorite nude. It's a really creamy nudey/brown shade which is quite moisturising as it states. I love this for day and night looks, because it stays quite matte. Nudes are an all time classic to have for every occasion. Priced around €6.95

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick '01'
 I bought this lipstick are a friend of mine was wearing it and I fell in love with the colour. It's a realy intense matte red which is great for night time. The only thing I would say about this lipstick is the smell, it's not an awful smell but can be annoying for some people. Red is another shade that every girl should have. Priced around €6.95

Mac Cremesheen 'Creme Cup' 
I love this shade, the swatch doesn't really do it justice. For those girls who love their nudes and pinks this is a perfect shade for a little pop of colour. It's really creamy and stays quite matte during the day with a hint of gloss. A definite classic to have in your collection aswell. Priced around €14-€15.

Lovesick Passionate, Creme Cup, 01, Nude Delight
x x 

Shoes Lover - Black Obsession

Before I went on my holidays to Prague in July my friend came over to help me pick what night time outfits to bring and heels. As she was looking at my shoes she said 'God how many black pairs of shoes do you have'. Then it was only weeks after when I was clearing out my wardrobes that I noticed, "Yes I do have a lot of black heels". I decided to make a post including my 3 favorite pairs, and some outfits that I have worn them with. I'm not too sure of the exact prices but most heels in New Look are €30 and the wedges from Dunnes Stores were around €20-25.

New Look Heels 

New Look Boots 

Dunnes Stores Wedges

All three shoes mentioned above are my all time favorites and have probably been worn for the majority of my nights out. The heels from New Look I thought were unique and a style I didn't see too much of. The boots from New Look also were a love of mine when I saw one of my friends wearing them and I said I needed to have a pair. The wedges are my favorite from the three, an absolute steal from Dunnes Stores and are so comfortable.

Here are some looks I have teamed the shoes with;
Topshop Black Dress (Sale) 

River Island Black Playsuit

River Island Black Silky Top and River Island Dark Green  Jeggings/Jeans

Topshop Flowery Dress (Sale) 

River Island Black Jegging/Jeans and Penneys Floral Shirt

I love all of these looks are simple and go with all of the above stated shoes.
I'm not too sure of all of the prices, the Topshop dresses were bought in a sale. The River Island jeggings/jeans I think were about €30, the silk top was around €22 and the shirt from Penneys was €13.

x x 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brightening Up Our Winter

Ok so its not winter yet, it surely does feel like that. Its getting cold and dreary, kind of depressing. Was strolling around Temple Bar I was only ment to have a look but on the 3rd floor of Urban Outfitters I peeped into the sale section.

This is what I found and unnecessarily purchased...

Floral Cross Body
Floral Cross Body - Urban Outfitters 
Definitely an unnecessary purchase of the day but its soooooo lovely! The shoulder strap is braided and not as long as most of these messenger bags which is handier. I love anything floral print, its original price was 37 euro!! I would not buy it for that price but when the sale price is only 12 euro, you just cant say no.

Cooperative Crop Solid Button Top
Cooperative Crop Solid Button Top - Urban Outfitters
Crop tops have been so in this summer and they probably wont leave the fashion trend for a while so this is another purchase I am super happy about. I love the detail of the straps on the back and the textured buttons. It will go great with shorts and hight waisted jeans... Originally priced at 33 euro, but on sale only 12 euro! Bargain.

Nude/Cream Lace Dress 

Nude/Cream Lace Dress - Urban Outfitters 
This purchase wasn't mine but I really wanted to add this to the Brightening Up Our Winter post, its so pretty and girly I couldn't help myself but want it too. The lace is not tacky or cheap looking, it has that Tailor Swift look... Original price was 76 euro!! Urban Outfitters aint' cheap but with the reduction to 25 euro it is very much affordable. Plus there is a 10% discount available for students!

E. ❤

I Love Me Some Wedges

So I have been eyeing up these bad boys for ages and have been deliberating whether I need to have skinny minny legs to pull them off, but I think with the right clothes I can. So when I saw them in Next I said sure okay why not, they were €50 which to me is normal enough for a pair of boots and to make it worth it I hope I wear the hell out of them.

I defiantly wouldn't be considered tall but I'd like to think I'm average height, so when I'm wearing these I feel like my legs look longer and better. I'm still looking around to see how to style them and I have seen pictures of them being worn with everything like jeans, dresses, shorts.  Most of these looks are worn with jeans and one with a skirt. I would more likely team them with jeans and tops aswell as I'm not the most adventurous but if I found the perfect dress/skirt to go with them, then I would defiantly venture out.

I picked some looks which I thought would look nice with these wedges, they are pretty simple which is just how I like it :) I would team the looks with an oversized cardigan or blazer and black tights with the dresses.

Dark Red Molly Jeggings - River Island €45.00
White Leopard Bow Girl Print Tank - River Island €25.00
Black Textured Cable Leggings - River Island €25.00
Grey T-Shirt Dress - River Island €40.00

Flower Patch Dress - Nasty Gal €21.04
Black Draped Across Dress- Nasty Gal €44.86

x x 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Moustache Trend - 'Tash On

Moustache is defined as facial hair grown on the upper lip.

So where did this trend start? Who cares! I love it. Girls wearing accessories and apparel hailing the almighty moustache...

The trend started with hipsters and the way of mocking them, but has become silly and fun. There is so much merchandise out there with the mustache print its not even funny, it has cough on like wildfire.. From nail stickers to stationery.
Movember is an anual month long event which involves growing a mustache for charity... It came to Ireland in 2007 and has become even more popular every year. Movember madness has spread this trend even further, with charity events and organizers like the 'Stache Bash by the American Mustache Institute!

The moustache trend is bringing smiles and fun everywhere you bring one. If you dont have a fakey' to bring with you the Fingerstache will do, just draw a moustache on your finger and your ready to go! There is also the option of the Stache On A Stick, which is pretty self explanatory, its a moustache on a stick.
For my 22nd Birthday I got the mustache straws which where pretty epic!

If your not on the trend I suggest get on it.. Heres some of my favorite merchandise. Moustache your life.

1. Moustache Shopper - Topshop
A mustache totes bag. Totes want. Priced at around 12 euros.

2. Miso Moustache Lace Sleeved T-Shirt - Republic
Priced around 20 euros.

3. Moustache Print Ankle Socks - Forever 21
One of the more random mustache print items I have seen. Love these socks. Priced at 1,60.

4. Black Moustache Stud Earrings - River Island
Priced at 3 euros, loving the new cheaper River Island accessory range.

5. Moustache Straws - Urban Outfitters
Tash-tastic mustaches for parties and boring evenings. Yet still kinda pricey for straws, 8 euro.

6. Moustache Mug - Urban Outfitters
Putting a stach on your coffee each day, 12 euro.

7. Emergency Moustaches - River Island
For all emergencies, hiding from exes etc. Around 7 euro.

E. ❤

Arthurs Day Special Part 2

This is an another option to Arthurs Days outfit, the night time option. For clubbing and other bigger night time venues.

1. Cream Boat Neck Blouse - Miss Selfridge
White blouses can be formal and casual. I love the boat neck, looks so good with the higher bow... Hair  pulled back, up in a bun... You get the picture! Priced at 21 euros on sale..

2. Ultra Moisturizing Lip Paint (lp156) - Barry M
So glad that Barry M cough up with the trend and released darker shades! With moisturizing cocoa butter so it doesn't dry out your lips. They usually are around 5 euro, but sometimes Boots do 3 for 2 and thats a reason to get 3 different shades ;)

3. Lacquered Tribal Ring - Forever 21
The honest truth is that it will probably make your finger green after washing your hands a couple of times, or if you have very sweaty hands. Yeah but isn't it pretty.. Priced at 3,90.

4. Black Stud Cages Sandals - River Island
River can do no wrong regarding shoes. These shoes will probably last you more then one night out in the town.. They are gorgeous and look even better in real life. Pricey but gorgeous 110 euros.

5.  Petites Black Skater Skirt - Miss Selfridge
This skater skirt is waist banded and with an elastic band, great material and could be changed from day to evening wear. You could wear it with pumps or high heels it would still look good. Priced at around 20 euro.

6. Lips In Legend By Louise Gray (Bright Pink) - Topshop
"Velvet finish lipstick to smooth moisturise and nourish lips.Velvet finish lipstick to smooth moisturise and nourish lips."
Yes, yes they would tell you that.. But the reason I chose another lipstick colour for the outfit was because it actually can accompany several colour palettes! Priced at around 12 euros, saying that its nearly as much as MAC lipsticks so yano...

E. ❤

Arthurs Day Special

Arthurs Day refers to series of music events to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness organized in 2009.
Guinness drinkers are expected to raise a glass of the black stuff in memory of Arthur Guinness at 17.59, this being a reference to 1759, the year Guinness was established.

This year Arthurs Day is going to be hopping on the 27th of September. The music line up looks UNREAL, spread across Ireland in 500 locations! So the only thought in my head this week is what to wear, different locations means different outfits. I put together a day time and night time option for this celebration. (Arthurs Day Special 1 & 2)

1. Studded Biker Jacket - Topshop
No one should be without a leather jacket, its so versatile and goes with everything! Topshop is pricey but sometimes its better to invest in a product with some quality, specially if you are going to wear it out as well as casual. Last year I purchased a fake leather jacket, which was gorgeous but when I wanted to wash it I realized I could wash it or dry clean it. Always check the label. Priced at 80 euro.

2. Crackling Topcoat In Black Dynamite - Topshop
Cant remember when this crackling nail varnish came into trend but I have loved it ever since! It makes your nails look that much more glam... This colour is amaze priced at around 7 euro.

3. Burnished Stud Waist Belt - Forever 21
Sometime high waisted shorts need a little something and a belt really dresses them up. Once again Forever 21 never fails for accessories and you can never have to many belts, only 4,90.

4. Rhinestone Cross Earrings - Forever 21
These cross earrings are very rock chick and perfect for this kind of event I might add! Studs tend to fall out of cheaper accessories so this needs to taken into consideration, but when they cost 3,90 its not that devastating when you need to throw them out.

5. Grey Star Studded Boots - River Island
Boots. Ah who doesn't love a nice pair of boots. Kesha is so right when she sings about Boots & Boys. Sometimes it seems like really important factors in life. Unlike boys these boots will probably never leave you or disappoint. Shorts, skirts, dresser or whatever they are the perfect match. Pricey but meh they are beautiful, priced at 95 euro.

6. Aztec Crossed Top - Topshop
Loving maroon shades right now! A semi cropped top, has a bohemian feel to it. Goes perfectly with the shorts I might add. Only 15 euros in Topshop... Just saying.

7. Mid Wash Embellished Shorts - Miss Selfridge 
These high waisted shorts made pretty with the "mid wash" look and the copper studs.. Once again they could fall of and when buying definitely need to be looked at to see whether they are all there and how loose they are. Priced at around 50 euro, probably could find a cheaper pair and pimp them out yourself, but they are cheaper then Vintage Clothing.

E. ❤

Sunday, 23 September 2012

It's an Urban Jungle

Who doesn't like a good eye shadow. Most likely I end up wearing just the one colour for a period of time till I get bored and move on to another. One year for Christmas I purchased an Urban Decay limited edition sets, I am pretty sure they release one every year costing around €30/40, its a good investment. My first Urban Decay eye shadow set was in 2010!! And I still have it!

Urban Decay, Book of Shadows, Volume 2
This was the very first shadow set I had bought. A friend of mine bought it and one night I used some of the eye shadows and couldn't believe how good they are! Lasted all night, and even some nights if I was too wrecked after a few beverages during the college nights I would fall asleep, and wake up with the shadow still intact ;)
The set also includes the eyeshadow "potion" which you apply before the eyeshadow, this makes it last longer. Its brilliant stuff! There is also two eye liner pencils, I am not much of a eye pencil person so mine were never used.
My favorite shades have to be Mushroom, Sellout, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Twice Baked. Oh and AC/DC for the night I feel like a rock star and want that super dark eye look. The greens however were never used, sad to say but I cant pull of the green look.

Another set I purchased a while after the Book of Shadows Volume 2 was the Book of Shadows-Alice in Wonderland edition! It included a pop up book and everything!! I think I bought it on the plain so it was duty free and only cost me €27, which is a bargain, and now you probably will not find an Urban Decay set so cheap.

Urban Decay, Book of Shadows, Alice in Wonderland Edition
This set blew my mind, not only the colours are names after the characters and other Alice in Wonderland related items but it had epic shades too. They use some of the same shades as the other palette but nonetheless its great. The Jaggerwocky and Drink Me, Eat Me are my personal favorites! The set also included the potion and two eye liners.

The shadow itself is very smooth and pigmented, its very blend able and a few shades can be layered.
The pop up books string broke so I robbed this picture of the internet just so everyone can see how awesome it is.

Alice in Wonderland Pop Up

Urban Decay, New York City Edition

I'm actually not too sure how long I have had this palette but I would say atleast 2 years maybe even more ;) I am addicted to the primer potion that comes with it and seriously would add this to my holy grail products. I think this palette was €40 and to me that's an investment for the amount of time I have had it. I'm not the most adventurous person so the blues/greens have not been used up as much as the rest. My favorites are smog, midnight cowboy rides again, uzi and suspect. The colours are gorgeous but if you don't like shimmer than this palette may not be the one for you. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This is my all time favorite palette and to this day nothing had trumped it with regards the colours and quality.  I adore the packaging and always pack this with me whenever I'm staying over somewhere for the night. I have green eyes so I like to think that this palette compliments my eyes, and I have to say the earthy brown colours which are the tone of most of the colours are good for day and night. The first half of the palette are light shimmery shades which on my part are the ones which are used majority of the time, and then the other half have the darker colours which are gorgeous for the more dramatic night out look. This was around €40 and to me the best purchase any lady could make as it is just worth it. Again like the palette above most of the colours are shimmery and only contain two  matte shades which some people don't like. For me these colours are amazing, they blend well and are just lovely for nights out or when you just want a nice simple look for daytime. 

C & E

Halloween is upon us... Be afraid.

Halloween used to be one of my favorite times of the year, but college parties and other events that require fancy dress scare me. I panic and end up going as someone or something I instantly regret the minute I need to walk out the door...
Some previous costumes of mine included fairy, (and why not you can just buy wings in the value shops for 2 euros, lame nevertheless) nurse, (also one of other easier options, this was one of creepier twists with blood. At the end of the day there is nothing like fake blood on Halloween.) there was an angels costume somewhere in there too.. Then I just started skipping Halloween altogether, when last year we threw a huge Halloween party in our house and I couldn't not dress up.. Hours were spent online looking at costume ideas from corpse bride to the classic witch. Nothing. Then I had an epiphany, why not just do face make up. There are soooo many great tutorials online to prepare you for this scary holiday!
I wouldn't go mad into these imposible tutorials if it is your first time doing this sort of costume...

This guy is a genius! I have used more then one tutorial of his and hes great! He has simple tutorials as well as more complex ones... Pretty sure he is a drag queen, but hottest drag queen I have ever seen.
This is a great example of a simple enough tutorial for a last minute costume, just match it with some ears, messy hair and a tight black dress! You cant go wrong with going as a sexy Leopard after all "Halloween is one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." ( Some Mean Girls wisdom)

This tutorial took me around and hour to do... Including finding and preparing all my make up, he uses mostly eyeshadows and dark foundation for contouring and definition. Here is how mine turned out on the first try:

Clearly not as pro as his but I thought it was brilliant for my first time :) I didn't end up going as a Leopard though and ended up doing this tutorial on a friend who was stuck for a costume. I ruined further and found another tutorial that year from the same guy Petrilude.. This is a more complex tutorial that is very time consuming.

This is probably the coolest thing I manage to actually get right from these online make up tutorials. Took me forever, I ended up doing the same outfit for two nights. The first time I did it, it literally took me 2 and a half hours! So worth it though.. I needed to buy white make up and black make up, hard to find as they go quickly in all the shops, better of buying early if your gonna try it for this year... The rest is just the make up you probably already own; pencils, foundation, eyeshadows and your brushes. Oh and some fake blood of course :)

The outfit over all was just a white dress, (one of them skater dresses) hight heels and I had my hair backcombed into a semi beehive with a side fringe.. If you are gonna do this tutorial make sure your hair is out of the way of the blood on one side of the face as it can get messy. The other half of my face I just had normal make up, I even managed to put on a fake eyelash on one eye! Here is was it turned out like...

This year the aim is to accomplish the Lady Gaga full face scull look, with the pink hair... That would be an epic Halloween costume this year!

E. ❤

Saturday, 22 September 2012

September Wish List ★

September Wish List

1. Sparkling Dove Chain Necklace - Forever 21
Nearly a year since Forever 21 has come to Ireland and it has been fantastic! There is so many accessories to choose from and its all very affordable. (Although we would like the US prices...) This amazing dove necklace priced at €5,90.

2. Light Grey Fluffy Cardigan - River Island
Never seems to disappoint with jumpers and cardigans. The weather is getting colder and I do feel like the only thing that can truly warm me up is this fluffy cardi. Want. Priced around €40.

3. Light Beige Studded Slipper Shoes - River Island
Apparently it is this season must have, but I just think they are pretty! I am a sucker for shoes, you can never have too many. Priced at around €35.

4. Moto Acid Super-soft Leigh Jeans - Topshop 
You cannot go wrong with skinny jeans. These super soft jeans are just that, and they feel skin tight so you know they wont stretch at the knees or the waist. Love the acid wash colour goes with everything. A little pricey for these light jeans but worth it around €50.

5. White Sleeveless Shirt - River Island
A must have in all wardrobes, a white shirt goes with skirts, shorts and jeans. The top button closed is so fashionable right now, it would go so well with some red lippy! Priced at around €25.

E. ❤

September Faves

This is just a selection of my favorite things this month 

Garnier Skin Perfector
I heart this stuff, I have practically worn this all Summer and then for all of September. It's for those days where I can't face the world with nothing on my face (eek!) It's really light and gives my skin a lovely glowy finish, not everybody will love it but I definetly think it's for those days where you don't want any fuss just a bit of coverage. Prices at 14.99

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Mascara is a holy grail/desert island product for me and some say I may be a mascara junkie. This mascara makes my eyelashes super black and curly. I really like the fact that this wand doesn't make my eyelashes clump, and funnily enough as I write this I see that the tube says waterproof and now I know why it's been such a killer to remove. ;) Priced around 9

Rimmel Lipstick Coral In Gold

 I had been looking for a really nice coral lipstick and then bam one day I found this one. It's not an extremely loud coral that's in your face but nice enough to give that corally pop. It's a little bit drying after a day of wearing it but a lady who worked in Mac complimented the colour so that was a win win for me. ;) Priced around  6

Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume

I've had this perfume now since July but have been using it more and more this month. It's meant to smell very fruity but for a girl who is obsessed with really really sweet perfume I thought this smell was quite different for me. It smells citrusy and fresh which I thought would be a nice change from all the sweet smells I usually go for. Priced around 40

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume

Dry shampoo is another holy grail product for me and one I couldn't live without. I haven't tested this bad boy on my hair for going out but for during the day I thought it gave a great oomph in my ponytail and smells great. Win Win. Priced around 5,50

x x 

Things We Could Never Live Without - Lipstick

There are certain things in life I just can't live without like my iPhone, PJs, chocolate... and lipstick. I guess you can categorize me as a lipstick kind of gal.
I can't remember when this craze of wearing lipstick started as I always used to wear lip glosses, now they seem annoying and sticky. You know the feeling when as soon as you walk out the door and the wind throws your hair all over the place (we do live in Ireland, no weather is predictable) and your hair instantly stick to your sticky lip gloss. Yeah that feeling right there made me stop buying them. So with that thought here is a review of a few of my favorite lipsticks right now that I just could not live without.

1. Mac - Blankety
My favourite shade ever! Kind of nudeish with a hint of creamy purple. I love my nude colours for everyday and going out. It doesn't dry out your lips and is so creamy it looks like your almost wearing gloss over the colour. The lady in Mac Cosmetics told me this was the shade Kim Kardashian wears... I wasn't convinced. Priced at around   14

2. Mac - Viva Glam Gaga 2
I love this lipstick nearly as much as Lady Gaga, after all she can do no wrong. I used the whole lipstick in a few months and even when it was gone I still managed to scoop to the bottom with my lip brush. Its another nude shade, very pale for people who are not into nude colours this is probably not for you. It is perfect for going out when you're rocking the smokey eyes look! Priced at around 14

3. Benefit - Shy
This is a light pinky shade suited for everyday use, I find it too light for night time. It comes off fairly easily but doesn't dry out your lips which I find with a lot of other lipstick. Sometimes Benefit can be overpriced compared to a lot of other brand but this lipstick is worth it. Priced at around   18

4. Natural Collection - Fig Leaf
Not everyone has heard of the Natural Collection, it is a Boots brand. Very affordable and cheap make up. I bought this lipstick during one of the poorer student weeks and was very happy with the find. The shade is matte nude brown. Its great coverage and looks the exact same colour on your lips! Unfortunately it kind of dries out your lips if you wear it too often, and it broke in half before I finished it. This has happened to three other tubes I have purchased. Nevertheless for the price of around 4 its worth a purchase!

5. Benefit - Do Tell
Another Benefit purchase. I got this lipstick a year ago and did not start using it since this summer. I am not very brave with my lipstick, I am more of a crazy eyes kind of girl. This is a shade of deep, dark reddish/purplish kind of lipstick. I love it because although its dark colour it doesn't make you look like you have had a lip job. (I always feel like I have huge lips when I wear dark or really red lipsticks.) Priced at around 18 

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