Saturday, 22 September 2012

Things We Could Never Live Without - Lipstick

There are certain things in life I just can't live without like my iPhone, PJs, chocolate... and lipstick. I guess you can categorize me as a lipstick kind of gal.
I can't remember when this craze of wearing lipstick started as I always used to wear lip glosses, now they seem annoying and sticky. You know the feeling when as soon as you walk out the door and the wind throws your hair all over the place (we do live in Ireland, no weather is predictable) and your hair instantly stick to your sticky lip gloss. Yeah that feeling right there made me stop buying them. So with that thought here is a review of a few of my favorite lipsticks right now that I just could not live without.

1. Mac - Blankety
My favourite shade ever! Kind of nudeish with a hint of creamy purple. I love my nude colours for everyday and going out. It doesn't dry out your lips and is so creamy it looks like your almost wearing gloss over the colour. The lady in Mac Cosmetics told me this was the shade Kim Kardashian wears... I wasn't convinced. Priced at around   14

2. Mac - Viva Glam Gaga 2
I love this lipstick nearly as much as Lady Gaga, after all she can do no wrong. I used the whole lipstick in a few months and even when it was gone I still managed to scoop to the bottom with my lip brush. Its another nude shade, very pale for people who are not into nude colours this is probably not for you. It is perfect for going out when you're rocking the smokey eyes look! Priced at around 14

3. Benefit - Shy
This is a light pinky shade suited for everyday use, I find it too light for night time. It comes off fairly easily but doesn't dry out your lips which I find with a lot of other lipstick. Sometimes Benefit can be overpriced compared to a lot of other brand but this lipstick is worth it. Priced at around   18

4. Natural Collection - Fig Leaf
Not everyone has heard of the Natural Collection, it is a Boots brand. Very affordable and cheap make up. I bought this lipstick during one of the poorer student weeks and was very happy with the find. The shade is matte nude brown. Its great coverage and looks the exact same colour on your lips! Unfortunately it kind of dries out your lips if you wear it too often, and it broke in half before I finished it. This has happened to three other tubes I have purchased. Nevertheless for the price of around 4 its worth a purchase!

5. Benefit - Do Tell
Another Benefit purchase. I got this lipstick a year ago and did not start using it since this summer. I am not very brave with my lipstick, I am more of a crazy eyes kind of girl. This is a shade of deep, dark reddish/purplish kind of lipstick. I love it because although its dark colour it doesn't make you look like you have had a lip job. (I always feel like I have huge lips when I wear dark or really red lipsticks.) Priced at around 18 

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