Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Moustache Trend - 'Tash On

Moustache is defined as facial hair grown on the upper lip.

So where did this trend start? Who cares! I love it. Girls wearing accessories and apparel hailing the almighty moustache...

The trend started with hipsters and the way of mocking them, but has become silly and fun. There is so much merchandise out there with the mustache print its not even funny, it has cough on like wildfire.. From nail stickers to stationery.
Movember is an anual month long event which involves growing a mustache for charity... It came to Ireland in 2007 and has become even more popular every year. Movember madness has spread this trend even further, with charity events and organizers like the 'Stache Bash by the American Mustache Institute!

The moustache trend is bringing smiles and fun everywhere you bring one. If you dont have a fakey' to bring with you the Fingerstache will do, just draw a moustache on your finger and your ready to go! There is also the option of the Stache On A Stick, which is pretty self explanatory, its a moustache on a stick.
For my 22nd Birthday I got the mustache straws which where pretty epic!

If your not on the trend I suggest get on it.. Heres some of my favorite merchandise. Moustache your life.

1. Moustache Shopper - Topshop
A mustache totes bag. Totes want. Priced at around 12 euros.

2. Miso Moustache Lace Sleeved T-Shirt - Republic
Priced around 20 euros.

3. Moustache Print Ankle Socks - Forever 21
One of the more random mustache print items I have seen. Love these socks. Priced at 1,60.

4. Black Moustache Stud Earrings - River Island
Priced at 3 euros, loving the new cheaper River Island accessory range.

5. Moustache Straws - Urban Outfitters
Tash-tastic mustaches for parties and boring evenings. Yet still kinda pricey for straws, 8 euro.

6. Moustache Mug - Urban Outfitters
Putting a stach on your coffee each day, 12 euro.

7. Emergency Moustaches - River Island
For all emergencies, hiding from exes etc. Around 7 euro.

E. ❤

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