Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beauty and Fashion Crushes ♥

Here are some of my favorite ladies who always look amazing with their clothes and makeup choices  ;) 

Lauren Conrad
Who doesn't remember The Hills, I used to love that show and of course Lauren was the leading lady. "I will forgive you but I want to forget you."Classic Lauren line.
I think its her hair I had an obsession with, and the fact that she was like every other girl with their problems and was pretty relate able.
Her fashion sense is really girly, cute and she wears clothes that every girl has or wears so you feel like you can pull off some of her everyday looks.

Kristen Stewart
I know I know she is a love/hate with some people, but she is just so gorgeous. At times some of her fashion choices are seriously cray cray, and then she ruins some amazing dresses with converse but come on we have to credit the girl on getting some things right and her makeup is always spot on. The outfit above is super cute and definitely something us girls could pull of, and like I've said before her makeup is always looking good and I can't help but like her too because she has green eyes like me ;).

Rachel Bilson
I am currently watching Hart of Dixie so this is probably why I am obsessing about her fashion again. The photos are showing her in everyday clothes wearing jeans, tops and blazers which are every girls fashion staples. I just think she has super cool style, and her makeup is always really natural or I'm noticing in Hart of Dixie she is loving the smokey brown eye. She brings me back to the days when I used to watch The O.C, oh how I miss that show!

Zoey Deschenel and Emma Stone. 
These two are my current favorites at the mo with regarding their tv shows and movies and it does help that they always look amazeball. Zoey is a natural beauty who I am loving in New Girl, she just seems totally normal and down to earth.

Emma Stone always looks incredible when I see her in pictures, she is usually more natural but I just love the above picture because of her red hair and dark eyes.

Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox. 

Of course I couldn't have a post on beauty crushes without mentioning these three ladies who are way too pretty to be real. I haven't much to say on these only that they always look epic with their makeup and are just generally gorgeous. Jealous much??

x x 

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