Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween 2012 - Skull Face

I have posted a blog about best tutorials on easy costume ideas/make up previously you can check it out here:

Since Halloween is only a few sleeps away and people are already dressing up and heading out to fancy dress parties and events I practiced the Lady Gaga Skull make up from the Born This Way video a few days ago...

Here I have taken pictures step by step actions of a skull face :)

Step 1.
Best to get a page and two different coloured pens and draw out a face. Like I have done here use one colour to draw out the face no major facial characteristics are necessary but the eyes, nose and mouth should be there.

Step 2.
With the red pen draw out the lines and shapes that you will eventually transfere onto your face with a brown or black eyeliner, preferably black so you can follow the lines better. Try and follow your actual bone structure by feeling around where the bones on your face are.

Step 3.
Fill in the eye sockets and other "empty" bone areas like cheeks and nose with black paint. The rest white... Better to do the white first, several layers of white make up may be needed as some brands are watery. You will feel your face getting tighter due to the make up but dont worry that normal and wont harm your skin. At this point you should colour in the teeth and shade them into shape a bit.
Add shading to the eyeliner lines using black or grey eyeshadow and a soft brus. Do the same with the teeth outline.

Step 4.
When your face is dry draw out the neck with the same eyeliner pencil, by this time it may be blunt so dont forget your parer ;) Make sure you remember which section should be black and which white! It may be hard to reverse...

Step 5.
Fill in the black first! Unlike your face there is more black then white and this in general is one messy affair so better of waiting till the black dries then applying several coats of white.
Dont forget to colour underneath your chin.

Step 6.
Is the last step which is shading of the neck. By this time your mouth will be as dry as the Sahara do apply more white make up on your teeth area.



When your applying the black make up do not freak out if it stings a little. If its very wet and wont dry quick enough apply black eyeshadow, dont rub just gently dab it on. 

For costume ideas just put your hair in a pony tail add a white shirt, dicky bow, black trousers and a blazer. The Lady Gaga look :) 

Bring white make up and a small brush in your hand bag with you to the party, the teeth area may fade when drinking or eating or kissing :-P 

E. ❤

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