Monday, 8 October 2012

It's All About The Nails - Golden Rose

I have purchased new brand (well new to me) of nail varnishes by Golden Rose Cosmetics and were surprisingly AMAZING. Not only the price is amazing but the product itself. Hands down the most addictive purchase is Barry M when it comes to nail varnishes, around 4 euro a bottle and most of the time you end up purchasing three due to Boots 3 for 2 deals! Golden Rose Cosmetics are affordable and have great variety, the nail varnishes are around 5£.
I however found them on my Autumn travels in Lithuania when shopping in Drogas and one bottle cost me 1.50!! The check out lady though I was mad, being so excited about this product. These are my purchases, two different kind of finish matte and normal glossy varnish.

1. Golden Rose Matte - 07
2. Golden Rose Matte Velvet - 110
3. Golden Rose Matte - 10

The colors I picked are this seasons most wanted. I have never worn matte nail varnishes and it blew my mind how nice it looks when dry! The lighting in my room wasn't great but I have uploaded my favorite in better light.

My favorite shade is the 07, kind of burgundy color with a deep and dark finish. You will not believe how quickly it dries also, maybe its because they are matte.. or maybe its just because its a great find.

These are the glossy finish, like all standard varnishes. I picked a palette which goes together for mix and match kind of idea. I love putting two different colors together and even having every second nail a different color.

1. Golden Rose Care & Strong - 171
2. Golden Rose Care & Strong - 222
3. Golden Rose Care & Strong - 197

The great thing about this collection you dont need a million coats to have a nice finish. Regarding black nail polishes its hard to come across ones that dont need 3/4 coats before it looks completely black with a nice finish. With Care & Strong collection I found you need 2 coats max for a nice effect. 

Where to find them: 
I have been looking and hunting about for bargains and it seems your best bets are,224,golden-rose-matte-nail-lacquer.html for the matte finish polishes and at a great price range starting with 3 euro.

E. ❤

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