Monday, 1 October 2012

Wrap Me In A Jumper ☃

Brrrr... Has anybody felt the nippy coldness coming our way? I was standing outside waiting for a bus the other day and felt my nose go cold. Although there is still some crazy people out there wearing only a tiny t-shit I feel like I need to wrap myself in a big wooly jumper this upcoming winter.
I am loving big over sized jumpers, nice and snug.

I have chosen a few jumpers from this season that are snug and pretty at the same time... I matched them with a simple pair of jeans, to get the idea :)

1. Beige Star Print Jumper - River Island 42
The star prints on the jumper are very "POW".

2. Knitted Tweedy Lader Jumper - Topshop 50

3. Knitted Bush Mohair Jumper - Topshop 55
Topshop jumpers are pricey enough but they will most likely last you a few winters just choose the pattern wisely.

4. Leggings With False Pockets - Pull & Bear 17.99
They are like jeans without pockets, except the pockets dont bulge and the are not restraining as normal jeans. Thats winning right there! And did you manage to get a glimpse at the price? Ehh bargain.

5. Black Mixed Knit Jumper - River Island 45
The print id very 90s but we are so into that right now.

6. Sweater - H&M 39.95
This jumper is from the new Lana Del Rey Collection. (Check out the previous post about this collection

E. ❤

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