Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn Accessories and Jewellery

Shopping for accessories and jewellery is one of my favourite kind of shopping expierences! Today I went to River Island to check out their newer collection from the cheapy section..

These are my purchases. Once again the light isn't great but I have put together a set of my purchased from the site which are taken by a photographer and can be seen more clearly :)

1. Silver Tone Ear Cuff - 4 euro
Big trend setter this year, have come out of nowhere but seem to be the influence of Grunge and Rock Style. It was very popular back in 2000 so its no surprise they are making an appearance now that fashion seems to be coming around full circle. Great for people who dont have their ears pierced and look super cool when the hair is put up or have a side of your hair shaved of.

2. Multi Pack Ear Cuffs - 2 euro
This beauties are amazing. They aren't one of them irritating accessories, also look really cool without the pain of having the side of your ear pierced. One of the more exciting trends this year.

3. Gold Tone Cross Necklace - 4 euro
This necklace doesn't look as chunky in real life. Its actually very delicate and tiny looking. Perfect for layering jewellery.

4. Gold Tone Pear Multi Finger Ring - 8 euro
Love love love these multi finger rings! There is nothing uncomfortable about these rings and they look great. I believe we first saw them years ago on the Hills, when Lauren Conrad flaunted hers in season 1. Epic.

E. ❤

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