Monday, 1 October 2012

October Wish List

Its October already! Who would have thought... Here is my extended wish list for the month of October.

October Wish List 1

1. Black Boxy T-Shirt - River Island
Will probably go with everything in my wardrobe, classic item to own. Looks good with pretty much everything, there are two colours to choose from black and white so you cant go wrong. Around 20 euro.

2. Dame Embellished Slipper Shoes - Miss Selfridge
I am a big fan of pumps and this new trend of slipper shoes is right up my street! The jewels seem to be well fixed on the shoe but most likely will fall of after a lot of wears, still cant deny the beauty of the shoe :) Priced around 40 euro.

3. Purple Crown Stud Skull Earrings - River Island
The skull trend is coming back, I love these funky purple studs! Only 6 euro.

4. Moto Blue Soft Super Skinny Jeans - Topshop
You cant deny how nice these jeans feel on, just like the name describes them they are super soft! They have elastic in them so you can freely wear these bad boys to dinner and eat as much as you want knowing the button will still close. Priced at around 45 euro.

5. Abstract Floral Case - Forever 21
I have started adding phone cover cases to the outfits and why not (check out previous post about iPhone covers fashion
I am into everything that this cover is about abstract good, floral good, only 7,90 gooooooooood.

6. Tall Structured Blazer - Topshop
I am a sucker for blazers, I definitely need to move somewhere where I could wear these all year round. The colour is gorgeous! Pricey though 80 beans.

7. Animal Print Gel Nail Art - Topshop
I hear these are the business, mad about the print! Would definitely spice up any outfit and aparently lasts 2-4 weeks (presumably varying on what your activities consist of, if your sitting around opening cans all day could only last you 2 days) Pricey 8 euro...

The second past of the wish list is way more funky... Here we go!

October Wish List 2

1. Fake Fur Jacket - H&M
I am obsessed with fake fur.. jackets, bags, you name it! This beige jacket is the bizz. Want want want. Enough said. Also this wont brake the bank with the price of 49.95.

2. Cashmere Scarf - H&M
This scarf is so pretty and the colour is so rich. I have never owned a cashmere scarf before but I hear it keeps people warm in the winter, this one however is PRICEY for H&M that is. 39.95, for a scarf...Hmm maybe I'll just wait for Santa.

3. Heart Earmuffs - Topshop
I will admit I have not owned a pear since 2009 but I am ready to cover my ears this winter and these lovely earmuffs will do the trick! 17 euro.

4. Premium Painted Leather Skirt - Topshop
Stop the lights. This is real leather and the print is wicked. (And I use that in an english slang kind of way) Topshop always manages to bring out these one of a kind pieces once in a while and this is definitely one of them. Very expensive but for those one of a kind pieces its an investment, right? Yeah I am trying to convince myself that also... 110 actual paper money!

5. Gold Tone Flying Pig - River Island
Yeah and pigs fly. Priced at 9 euro.

6. Green Studded Collar Shirt - River Island
These are everywhere... Urban Outfitters, Pennies, New Looks... I just loved the green colour!! You can never have too many shirts. 30 euro.

E. ❤

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