Friday, 12 October 2012

Its a Snack World

It seems like my summer revolved around tasting new treats while I was away in France, but now Autumn has rolled around and I now realized I have put weight on... Feels crappy, and with the life its hard to find time, money and effort for gym! So this is my day 5 of the diet world, smaller meals, no tasteful fat filled foods and white bread :(

So with that in mind here is my tribute post to most 4 most delicious things I have tasted in the last 3 months! Yum Yum...

1. Macaroons

What are they? Hmm.. well the best way to describe them is trendy French cookies. They were born in Italy and introduced to the french king in 1547. Yes they are not a new phenomenon, hard to find in Ireland and even harder to find fresh ones. I tasted these beauties in France as a test to this Instagram trend thats been going around! The flavors varie from strawberry to caramel, but my favorite is pistachio flavor. You can find these heavenly treats in 10 South Lotts Road, Dublin 4, here they stock The Cake Stands treats aka Macaroon heaven.

Marie Antoinette had these at her wedding. Enough siad. I have tested out a few here they are:

2. Yogen Fruz

You always see celebrities eating this stuff in mags, thinking how do they eat desserts and look like THAT. Created by two Canadian brothers in 1986, this frozen yogurt piece of heaven is so light and lovely.. You will never know you gave ice cream for lent!
"Yogen Früz provides delicious and nutritious frozen desserts, just what you need to live a healthy and active lifestyle."Yeah that may be true but we dont care because it tastes just as good as the real full fat thing. Yum Yum.

You can find few of the stands around, I located them in the Jervis Shopping center in Dublin.
Check them out on 

3. 'Crispy Bakery' Baked Goods

Amongst of my travels I had time to pop into a bakery for a coffee and a snack in Lithuania. This bakery in Vilnius is packed with baked goods, unfortunately I didn't have to to explore everything they had to offer. The staff was so pleasant and the interior design was hard not to find inviting and cosy!

I dont even want to know all the calories of the world that are in these goodies but soooo tasty... I got everything to go. Hands down one of the best lattes I have had in a while and these are the treats I got...

4. Fabulous Welshcakes 

Welshcakes also known as bakestones. My friend brought some back from Wales to try them out, and they are so nice... Dusted with caster sugar they are like pancakes only in a biscuit/cake form. You can eat them hot or cold. I had mine with a lovely cup of green tea :)

E. ❤

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