Sunday, 21 October 2012

Shopping Online

Shopping online has become the new thing. Ordering clothes seems to be as addictive as sugar. My friend is a fan of online shopping and advised me on the best sites out there.. So after checking them out  I thought I would share the secret with everyone.

Here we go.

2020 AVE

Cute and very affordable clothing. Very current styles from shirts to dresses to jackets to shoes. You cannot go on the site without drooling over the leather jackets! If anything its worth checking out the accessories... Personally my eye was caught by the iPhone bling.

The Caravan

Everyone seems to be all about the vintage this year, and will probably not leave the fashion world ever. So this is the site to find something original and different, with limited stock and funky eyewear! Its affordable and totes cute ;)

Sway Chic

Trendy clothes. The dresses are so cheap its sick!! I would advice to dip into the site and look around, it has a lot to offer.


Such a cute site, very similar to The Caravan yet it has a greater selection and a bigger collection. Personally the custom denim jackets do it for me. Sold.

The Cultlabel

Some very cute items on this. Cant help but get the gothic/grudgey vibe to it, but hey thats what is in fashion right now! A few unique pieces that will definitely will turn heads.

Custom Vintage Dublin!shop/mainPage

Since I have seen this plastered all over the magasines I could not wait to check it out. Everyone seems to be wearing these amazing custom high waisted shorts <3
Its definitely love at first sight!

E. ❤

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