Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Since the early summer months Peplum has come into our fashion world and is still lingering, so I thought it was due to be mentioned.
Googling for a definition of Peplum aint easy apparently "Peplum originates in the Greek word for 'tunic'", this gives little or no inside on what it actually it. The simple-lest definition I could come up with is an over skirt attached to a jacket or a dress.

Why we love Peplum

Eh hellooooo, it hides away all our wobbly bits that the Briget Jones pants cant hide and make you look lovely and slim. However this can make you look like you have a big bottay be wary of that!

Skinny belts go hand in hand with the peplum dress of jacket! Define that waist and don't hide it! Match/compliment the belt to colour or pattern or go mad and take it out of context and go complete opposite..

The best place for Peplum I found is Miss Selfridge, I picked out a few cute pieces from their new collection!

 1.Red Peplum Skirt - around 40 euro
Very cute and Christmasy, I think its sneaking up on us this year! Would go lovely with a white blouse or a black tight top, match it with some high peep toes and your ready to stand under the mistletoe.

 2.Bottle Green Peplum Top - around 25 euro
With a sweetheart neck line, this is also very Christmasy colour! Dark green always looks classy and can be worn any time of year. Around town I have seen people wearing them with jeans as a casual everyday top, but you can also wear it out with some nice leggins.

3.Peplum Trim Biker Jacket - around 52 euro
Dark grey... Come on we can all admit grey goes with everything and this jacket will go nicey with tight jersey dresses or skinny jeans.. Yeah we LOVE.

4. Gold Lace Peplum Dress - around 55 euro
Peplum dresses are soooo flattering! Clearly thats another festive item on the list...

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